An ancient word that appears in Indigenous languages around the globe, often seen as feminine and spiritual. The meanings vary by culture but all align with our values and purpose.

African origins: lustrous

Arabic: raw

Australian: renewal

Hindi: one who leads

Indigenous Hawaiian: flow

Kannada: gentleness

Malawi: righteous one

Marathi: ethics

Sanskrit: foresight

Swahili: goals

Urdu: original, new


We learn by doing, & teach through sincerity

using community centered design to model and share new ways of creating meaningful impact for people and the planet.


Build True community power, shared wealth, & holistic well-being

for minoritized people, by creating and supporting intergenerational places and companies that positively impact in both process and in outcomes.


Julissa Contreras Creative Media Director

Visualizing for:

The creation space for minoritized voices to echo their true power through storytelling, advocacy, and action.

Nicole Rodriguez-Dayton Program Director

Advocating for:

Victims of systemic injustice who have the passion to imagine and the courage to create a more progressive future. I mobilize entrepreneurs who want to make a social impact by facilitating startup business operations.

Nicole Lobo Chief of Staff

Strategizing for:

Healthy organizational leadership and company culture alongside change makers and builders whose visions help shape better companies and a better world.

Katie Longmyer Partner

Fighting for:

Creatives and entrepreneurs with community-focused values and ideas through building non traditional pathways for those that do not receive the same opportunities as others.

Miguel Mckelvey Partner

Maximizing for:

Those who have powerful and meaningful ideas, and are brave enough to explore their full selves on their journey to manifestation.

Qiana Patterson Managing Partner

Investing for:

A world where any of us would be happy to be born into at random, regardless of race, class or gender.

Jillian Ricciardi Entrepreneur in Residence

Creating for:

Emerging leaders who have no platform, but have a dream and need a chance, by connecting their concepts to funding, operations, and non-traditional business strategies.

Michel Rojkind Partner

Innovating for:

The shaping of a better world through design that promotes justice and human dignity.

Abe Safdie Chief Operating Officer

Organizing for:

The subversion of ingrained power relations by experimenting with financial and legal structures to help minoritized entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality.

Jane St. John Head of Content & Communications

Amplifying for:

Leaders from minoritized communities who are breaking down barriers in business and culture to pursue their vision for a more just, equitable, and sustainable future.