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NAYAH: At Work

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NAYAH is a design studio for impact-driven entrepreneurs, creatives, advocates, and builders to brainstorm. build, test, and launch their ideas.

At NAYAH, we learn by doing, & teach through sincerity with a team of multidisciplinary experts across investment, culture, community, storytelling, entrepreneurship, architecture, and law.

We invest in the growth and development of people and companies that align with our vision to build true community power, shared wealth, and holistic well-being for minoritized people.

NAYAH collaborates with people and businesses whose values and outcomes uphold the integrity of being impact-oriented. Our work makes waves that flow with the collective good of neighbors, owners, employees, contributors, innovators, change-makers, and creatives; whether Black, Brown, Indigenous, across genders, generations, immigration statuses, and income brackets.

Together, we’re exploring new ways to design, own, and operate in co-creation with the community.